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Embrace the modern convenience of a simple, flexible and affordable subscription!

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Save one delivery fee and help us reduce waste!
Get 2 months period supply to be delivered once every 8 weeks!

You’ll love Enroush monthly subscription!

Put an end to all those late-night visits to the pharmacy to buy your emergency tampons. Sit back, relax and embrace the modern convenience of a simple, flexible and affordable subscription.

We will transform “that time of the month” routine in an effortless, convenient and enjoyable process, delivering everything you need in a discreet, beautiful packaging, straight to your door every month.

And because we believe that having beautiful things doesn’t have to cost a fortune, we made efforts to lessen the gap between organic products and organic prices. More than this, because we know you cannot plan your menstrual cycle, we made it possible for you to change, pause or cancel your orders whenever you need.

Customize your subscription

Every month, you will receive a box that is tailored for your needs.

Just set it and forget it

For each subscription product, you decide when to receive it (every 4 or 8 weeks). 

Discreet and convenient

Deliveries arrive in a beautiful and friendly packaging right at your door and right when you need it the most.

Change, pause or cancel

You can change the delivery date or the content of your order any time. You can pause or cancel your order after the third delivery.