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Words From Their Hearts
"My sister and I have already been using Enroush organic pads and pads for 2 months and they are perfect. Everything from Enroush really doesn't feel on the skin and I'm super relieved with the subscription option because I don't forget to buy pads anymore."
- Vanessa -
"A few months ago I gave Enroush organic pads a try because I was tired of the irritation and spotting I was dealing with every menstrual cycle. From the first use I was extremely excited, it's like I don't even have an absorbent pad, they're so comfortable!"
- Elena -
"The best, I had problems before with commercial absorbents and at the doctor's recommendation I gave them up. Ever since I discovered these organic cotton pads I have been very happy with them. I'm sure you won't give them up again!"
- Diana -
"Fantastic organic products and super suitable for me and my hectic lifestyle..ever since I discovered Enroush organic tampons I would never go back to my old hygiene products... And the subscription option..what can I say, super smart!"
- Catalina -
"I discovered Enroush while looking for 100% cotton intimate hygiene products. I was a little skeptical at first. I have a heavy period in the early days and it was stressful for me until I discovered Enroush. Night pads are perfect for me. I really liked the subscription idea and I'm very excited: they are very responsive and respond promptly to requests."
- Raluca -
"In recent years, I have faced the appearance of irritations in the intimate area, I have tried various absorbents, but the results were the same. I have been using ENROUS absorbent pads for 2 months now and my menstrual period has become like any other week during the month."
- Catalina -
Ingredients & General Questions
Why choose ENROUSH organic cotton products over conventional ones?

Organic cotton products are completely safe for your body and for the environment!
Conventional products on the other hand use a lot of plastic (up to 90%) and contain chemicals such as BPA - medically linked to the disruptive hormone. They also use “absorbent gels” that are chemically made and toxic. Moreover, through chemical bleaching, conventional products contain dioxins which are reproductive-threatening. All this plastic is harmful for the environment, as conventional pads and tampons take up to 500 years to decompose and are main pollutants of our waters and beaches.

Why are period products ingredients so important?

The ingredients that go into your menstrual products are crucial for your health, therefor menstrual products should be regarded as medical devices not as mass-market goods.
Your vagina has the most absorbent tissue in the body and it will literally allow all chemicals in conventional intimate care to enter your body. Conventional products use synthetic materials (plastic linked to hormone disruption), perfumes (highly irritants and another cause of hormonal imbalances), dioxins (made from chemical bleaching that threaten the reproductive system) and many more health-threatening chemicals.

Are all ENROUSH products natural?

Absolutely natural!
We use only natural ingredients from the core of the products to the exterior and even packaging. And we only use 100% ORGANIC, unbleached GOTS CERTIFIED COTTON for the tampons and for the top sheet of pads & liners.
We put in the core of liners and pads sustainable pure wood pulp, we use biodegradable sustainable back sheet and biodegradable sustainable final packaging.

What certifications does ENROUSH have?

ENROUSH products have the GOTS certification.
What GOTS stands for? For The Global Organic Textile Standard, world’s leading textile standards certification.
GOTS ensures that the cotton fibers are organic from the raw materials to the fabrication processes into the final product.

Are your products dermatologist & gynecologist approved?

Yes, all ENROUSH products are extremely safe and have been successfully dermatologically & gynecologist approved. For an incident-free usage, we advise you to follow correctly the usage instructions found on each product page or box.

Are all ENROUSH products non-toxic?

Yes, totally!
All ENROUSH products are dermatologically tested, made of 100% organic, unbleached GOTS certified cotton and sustainable pure wood pulp. We DO NOT USE any synthetic fibers, GMOS, pesticides in growing cotton, chemicals during production (colorants, dioxins, fragrances, chlorine, rayon), perfumes or lotion. We are committed to the highest level of purity.

Do ENROUSH products expire?

Menstrual products do expire eventually, but are not as perishable as other goods. The usual lifespan of sanitary pads is three years from their production date. All ENROUSH products have the expiration date printed on the packaging, so that you will get the best out of our products.

Are ENROUSH products vegan & cruelty free?

ENROUSH is a highly ethical brand, this is why all our products are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable plus chemical-free and plastic-free. Rest assured that ENROUSH period products are the best choice for your body, our planet and all its animal inhabitants. :)

How to dispose of used period products and their packaging after use?

Throw organic cotton tampons, pads and liners into the bin or in the compost. NEVER FLUSH ENROUSH organic menstrual products! Because they are super absorbent they will retain water and can clog your drain or get stuck in the sewer system.
ENROUSH organic period care products are 100% biodegradable both aerobically and anaerobically (with or without oxygen). It can take up to 24 months for ENROUSH menstrual products to break down in compost. If you want to speed up the process, try breaking the pads using scissors and combining them to the green compost (veggies, fruits). Compost has to have a balance between green (veggies, fruits) and brown compost (fibers like cardboard, paper, and yes biodegradable menstrual products).

Can I flush my ENROUSH product?

No, do not flush ENROUSH period products, as toilets can handle only pee, poo and toilet paper. Flushing voluminous objects is often more than your drainage pipes and septic system can manage. Besides ENROUSH period products are made of super absorbent natural ingredients (cotton / wood pulp), they will retain water and can clog your drain or get stuck in the sewer system.

Are ENROUSH safe for all ages?

Yes, ENROUSH products are extremely safe for all ages, as we only use GOTS certified organic cotton for all our menstrual products.
We recommend switching to ENROUSH organic period care or to any other gynecologist approved organic period care from early ages. This way you can prevent vaginal infections, reproductive systems’ problems or hormonal imbalances that are caused by chemicals and plastic used in most conventional mass-market period products.

How to choose the right period product?

Ask yourself these questions:
- What do I need?
Tampons or pads, based on your daily activities or just personal comfort.

- How would I describe my heaviest flow: light, medium or heavy?
This is a great way of deciding upon absorbency and product type.
ENROUSH Organic Period Kit is an all-in-one, fully customizable period care solution that includes pads, tampons and liners. You choose each product’s absorbency and quantity, for an easy to use, adapted to your unique flow period box. Delivered to your home.
You also get transparent pricing, calculated especially for your period box.

Where are ENROUSH products made?

All ENROUSH products are made in Europe, following the highest standards of ecological agriculture, harvesting and manufacturing, all processes being organically certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).
Pads are made in Belgium.
Tampons are made in Germany.
Liners are made in Spain.

Why choose ENROUSH pads?

If you want that full night protection or an easy to use & on-the-go daily support, just choose the ENROUSH organic pads. They are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Top-sheet and chlorine-free natural absorbents to offer you the full protection you need and the transparency you deserve. No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.
The Genius Core Technology inside prevents accidental leaks and perfectly fits your natural curves. So comfortable you forget you’re wearing one!

What are ENROUSH pads made of?

ENROUSH pads are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton top sheet & chlorine-free processed wood pulp / natural wood pulp absorbent core. That’s all.
We use bio polyethylene in the composition of the back sheet, non-toxic & biodegradable adhesives, bio-degradable PE for the individual wrapping and carton boxes for the packaging. No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.

What is ENROUSH pads individual wrap made of?

We are highly transparent with the ingredients we use both in the composition of our pads and their packaging:
Individual Wrapping: Eco-friendly PE.
Back sheet: Bio polyethylene (leak-proof).
Adhesive: Non-toxic, biodegradable.

What size should I get?

ENROUSH organic cotton pads come in three sizes each with a different absorbency, to better fit your flow & lifestyle:
- normal, length: 22 cm, width 8 cm. Normal absorbency – soaks in regular flow.
- super, length: 28 cm, width 8 cm. Super absorbency – soaks in abundant flow.
- night, length: 29 cm, width 8 cm. Heavy absorbency – soaks in abundant flow all night long.

How often should I change my pad?

It is advisable to change your pad once every 4 to 8 hours, or even sooner if it gets soaking wet. By following these basic hygiene procedures you will avoid any allergic reactions.

Are ENROUSH pads just as absorbent as regular ones?

Yes & much more! ENROUSH pads use Genius Core Technology especially developed to ensure leak-free protection and perfect body fit.

Are ENROUSH pads hypoallergenic?

ENROUSH organic cotton pads are hypoallergenic & pH compatible for all sensitive skin types. We only use natural organic ingredients and our period care products are all dermatologically & gynecologist approved!

Where are ENROUSH pads made?

Our pads are carefully produced in Belgium, with the highest standards of quality. Production units are all ISO 9001 certified and all of our plants have BRC certifications in safety and design.

Why choose ENROUSH tampons?

Tampons are the best choice if you have an active lifestyle (be it professional or recreational), if you are always on the go or you just feel more comfortable with an inside protection during your period. No matter why you love wearing a tampon just make sure you choose the safest option there is. ENROUSH Tampons are exclusively made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Simple as that. We also use 100% organic cotton to make the string, bio-degradable polythene for the individual wrapping of the tampon and carton boxes for the packaging. No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.

What are ENROUSH tampons made of?

ENROUSH Tampons are exclusively made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Simple as that. We also use only 100% organic cotton to make the string and carton boxes for the packaging.
No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.

Are ENROUSH tampons bleached?

No. No bleaching, nor any other chemicals are used in the composition of ENROUSH tampons.

Are ENROUSH tampons synthetic coated?

No. ENROUSH tampons are made ONLY of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton from the inside-out. None of the ENROUSH menstrual products contain plastic on synthetic materials.

Are ENROUSH tampons biodegradable?

Yes! ENROUSH tampons are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Out of strong ethical values, all ENROUSH organic products and their packaging are eco-friendly.

What sizes are ENROUSH tampons?

ENROUSH organic cotton tampons come in three sizes:
- mini – low absorbency,
- normal – medium absorbency
- super – super absorbency
that offer leak-free protection plus the best organic health care there is.
Choose the size that best fits your flow and your body. Always go for the lowest absorbency possible and make sure to change your tampon every 4 hours.

What’s the difference between mini, normal and super tampons?

The difference between our tampons lies in their absorbency power, as mini tampons can absorb between 6-9 g of menstrual blood, normal tampons between 9-12 g and super tampons between 12-15 g. Each ENROUSH tampon (mini,normal and super) expands width wise for extra protection and comfort.

What tampon size should I use? / What’s the right tampon size for me?

ENROUSH organic cotton tampons come in 3 sizes – mini, normal and super – similar in size with the regular / conventional ones you already know / used to buy. The right size should reflect the type of your flow. Use mini tampons (low absorbency) for the lighter days at the beginning and at the end of your period, and go for the normal (medium absorbency) or super (super absorbency) during the heavy days.

So don’t use a super tampon if you have light flow only because you think it will protect you longer. And don’t go for a light one for fear of getting TSS. The best protection a tampon can offer is when you CHANGE IT EVERY 4 HOURS OR SOONER. If you have an extremely heavy flow either use extra protection – like an organic liner or small pad or just change your tampon every 2 hours.

ENROUSH TIP: within one tampon box (16 pcs) you can mix and match different sizes to fit your flow & lifestyle.

Are ENROUSH tampons just as absorbent as conventional ones?

Yes, and even more!
ENROUSH tampons are entirely made of organic cotton, the most absorbent natural material there is. Besides, being made without any hidden toxic ingredients they do not cause infections, rashes or any kind of harm to your body.

How do I use a tampon?

Like anything in life, practice makes you a pro, so period after period you will notice that inserting your tampons will come easier and easier to you. Meanwhile, if you’re new at this, here’s a small guide:

1. Wash hands and place yourself in a comfortable position (flex knees or squat).
2. Remove protective foil and unwrap the string.
3. Place your index finger on the bottom of the tampon and hold the sides with the nearest fingers. Gently push your index finger into the back of the tampon, until it expands a little.
4. Relax your muscles and, using your free hand, hold the vaginal opening.
5. Insert the tampon slowly using one finger, aiming the back. If it feels uncomfortable, it may not be in the right position, just push it gently a little more.
6. Leave the string outside and wash your hands.

Throw the wrapping (or any other previously used tampon) in the trash bin.
Change tampons every 4, to max. 8 hours to avoid TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

How often should I change my tampon? / How many hours can a tampon be worn?

It is advisable to change tampons every 4 to avoid developing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Never leave it in for more than 8 hours.

What’s the link between TSS and tampons?

Using a tampon requires a higher level of hygiene. Although developing TSS is not a direct consequence of using a tampon, if you do not respect the basic rules of intimate hygiene you might be more prone to TSS.

TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a rare life-threatening complication caused by bacterial infections and appears when certain bacteria in your system release toxins. It can be linked to the usage of tampons, as the accumulated blood can be a proper medium for microorganisms to multiply. This is why you have to change your tampon every 4 hours – when possible – to avoid developing this type of infections or permit bacteria to enlarge in number, thus causing imbalances in the intimate flora. The symptoms of TSS include sudden confusion, low blood-pressure, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, headaches or seizures.

To avoid this condition, please follow the following hygiene measures:
- Wash your hands before and after you change your tampon.
- Do not wear a tampon for prolonged periods of time. Change your tampon every 4 hours – if possible. Never leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours.
- Never insert more than one tampon at a time.
If you choose to use a tampon at night, insert right before going to bed, and change it first thing in the morning.

Can I use a tampon if I’m a virgin?

Of course you can!
Tampons function the same for both virgins and sexually active people. The female hymen is elastic enough to support a tampon without causing a rupture. Tampons may feel harder to insert when you are a virgin, this is why picking a smaller size and having patience and relaxing while putting the tampon in, will make the process smooth and easy.

Are ENROUSH tampons gynecologists approved?

ENROUSH organic tampons are tested to fit your body – therefore to be so comfortable you won’t feel them. Besides all our products are hypoallergenic & pH compatible for all sensitive skin types. We only use natural organic ingredients, all our period care products are dermatologically & gynecologist approved!

Why are your tampons more expensive than other conventional brands?

Simply just because organic cotton is more expensive to produce. Not using pesticides or any chemicals in the process, the crops generate less yield than conventionally grown cotton. So basically it is just a problem of demand versus supply as there is less organic cotton available than regular one thus driving up the price.
Plus, conventional tampons also have a lot of synthetically produced ingredients which are – as we all know – cheap. All these factors together are to be seen in the slightly higher price of organic period products.

Why not just use a cup?

Well, it’s your choice entirely. But mind that most menstrual cups are made from rubber and silicone and are designed to contain menstrual flow rather than absorb it.
Although you will find organic cups, before switching to the menstrual cup you have to thoroughly take into account your lifestyle, your whereabouts.
Mind that you should always use lubrication when inserting a cup and that you can develop TSS from it as well.
Cups are reusable, can retain more blood than tampons and can be worn for a longer time (up to 12 hours). Still, there are some risks you have to consider and before switching to a cup talk to your gynecologist if:
- you’re allergic to rubber or latex
- you use an intrauterine device for birth control because it can be necessary to shorten the string attached to the IUD so that you will not pull it out when you remove the cup
- you’ve ever had TSS
- you’ve recently had gynecological surgery, given birth, or had a miscarriage
- you have a vaginal infection
- you’re a virgin and you are concerned about keeping your hymen intact

Can I flush my tampon?

No, do not flush your ENROUSH tampon nor any other period product, as toilets can handle only pee, poo and toilet paper. Any absorbent material that is flushed can clog the draining system.
Flushing voluminous objects is often more than your drainage pipes and septic system can manage.

Where are ENROUSH tampons made?

Our tampons are carefully produced in Germany, with the highest standards of quality. Production units are all ISO 9001 certified and all of our plants have BRC certifications in safety and design.

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Natural intimate hygiene products. 100% Organic cotton absorbents & tampons.

Every period has its challenges: whether you need internal pads, absorbent pads or daily pads to feel comfortable and safe, ENROUSH is here to ensure you have an accident-free and side-effect-free period. Choose absorbents created with a top layer of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and a natural core. Designed with Genius Core Technology, the organic absorbents prevent unwanted leaks and adapt perfectly to your shapes. So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them! Prefer internal tampons? Choose organic tampons – the best option when looking for menstrual products with only one ingredient: organic cotton! They conform to your body with the Body Fit design and have evenly distributed absorbency. Moreover, the thread is made of organic cotton and the packaging is made of biodegradable PE and cardboard: no hidden ingredients! And for your daily protection, choose the daily absorbents: hypoallergenic, ultra-thin, neutral pH, gentle on all types of sensitive skin. And because we are dedicated to organic menstrual care, we only use ingredients of natural origin: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in the top layer and sustainable, natural fiber material inside!