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16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons

Super organic tampons

(16 pcs)
Your safe ally

Inspired by you, our tampons are pure, innovative and powerful. They’re made of 100% organic cotton only, because we care for your lady parts as if they were our own!

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100% GOTS Certified
Organic Cotton Top Sheet
Chlorine free
The purest tampons your vagina can get
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Why choose ENROUSH tampons?

Tampons are the best choice if you have an active lifestyle (be it professional or recreational) and you are always on the go or you just feel more comfortable with an inside protection during your period.
No matter why you love wearing a tampon just make sure you choose the safest option there is.
ENROUSH tampons are exclusively made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Simple as that.
We also use 100% organic cotton to make the string bio-degradable, biodegradable polythene for the individual wrapping of the tampon and recyclable boxes for the packaging. No chemicals & no hidden ingredients.

Are ENROUSH tampons bleached?

No. No bleaching, nor any other chemicals are used in the composition of ENROUSH tampons.

How do I use the tampons?

Like anything in life, practice makes you a pro, so period after period you will notice that inserting your tampons will come easier and easier to you. Meanwhile, if you’re new at this, here’s a small guide:
1. Wash hands and place yourself in a comfortable position (flex knees or squat).
2. Remove protective foil and unwrap the string.
3. Place your index finger on the bottom of the tampon and hold the sides with the nearest fingers. Gently push your index finger into the back of the tampon,until it expands a little.
4. Relax your muscles and, using your free hand, hold the vaginal opening.
5. Insert the tampon slowly using one finger, aiming the back.
If it feels uncomfortable, it may not be in the right position, just push it a little more.
6. Leave the string outside and wash your hands.
Throw the wrapping (or any other previously used tampon) in the trash bin.
Change tampons every 4, to max. 8 hours to avoid TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

What tampon size should I use?

ENROUSH organic cotton tampons come in 3 sizes – mini, normal and super– similar in size with the regular / conventional ones you already know / used to buy. The right size should reflect the type of your flow. Use mini tampons (low absorbency) for the lighter days at the beginning and end of your period, and go for the normal (medium absorbency) or super (super absorbency) during the heavy days.

So don’t use a super tampon if you have light flow only because you think it will protect you longer. Or go for a light one for fear of getting TSS. The best protection a tampon can offer is when you CHANGE IT EVERY 4 HOURS OR SOONER. If you have an extremely heavy flow either use extra protection – like an organic liner or small pad or just change your tampon every 2 hours.

ENROUSH TIP: within one tampon box (16 pcs) you can mix and match different sizes to fit your flow & lifestyle.

How often should I change my tampon?

It is advisable to change tampons every 4 hours to avoid developing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Never leave it in for more than 8hours.

Can I use a tampon if I’m a virgin?

Of course you can! Tampons function the same for both virgins and sexually active people. The female hymen is elastic enough to support a tampon without causing a rupture.
Tampons may feel harder to insert when you are a virgin, this is why picking a smaller size and having patience & relaxing while putting the tampon in will make the process smooth and easy.

Where are ENROUSH tampons made?

Our tampons are carefully produced in Germany, with the highest standards of quality. Production units are all ISO 9001 certified and all of our plants have BRC certifications in safety and design.

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