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Powerful goods for fearless women!

Our Story:

When passion meets purpose.
So begins the story of Enroush, a brand created out of a need for innovation and a voice to break the silence around the issues that all women face with menstruation and that are only whispered about. Menstruation is a natural function of the body, yet social norms shroud it in shame, stigma and taboo. In addition, all women need intimate care that protects their dignity and health.
Created by women for women, Enroush goes beyond just being a brand. It's a foray into a new era of menstruation, where we break taboos, inspire self-love and nature, and make healthy menstrual care accessible to as many women as possible.
Together with gynecologists and dermatologists, we have created safe products for the vulva and vagina of any woman, free of plastic, dioxins, perfumes, synthetic fibers or other toxic substances. We redefined intimate care because we only use pure ingredients and thus offer all women products that they can trust.
We are the first Romanian brand of absorbents and pads made of 100% organic and sustainable cotton, with the clean label. And above all, we are the change born of love for you: a strong community that has the courage to speak openly and shape a new era of menstruation.
Our Mission: Real Care for Womankind
Our promise:
Only what is best for you.
Created by women, for women.
High Quality
We developed our products with the highest standards, and produced them with GOTS certified cotton in ISO 9001 and BRC certified plants.
Backed by Science
We are supported by the best experts in Germany, Belgium and Spain, and all our products are dermatologically tested and gynecologist-approved.
Caring for Mother Nature, we thrive to cause as little harm as possible to the environment and build a completely transparent supply chain.
We offer healthy menstrual care at a price everyone can afford, out of a desire to bridge the gap between organic products and their price.
Ingredients: Planet & Vulva friendly
Our team:
Enroush is proudly made by WOMEN.
Carmen Lumina
Fondator & CEO
The mind and soul behind ENROUSH, always ready to conquer new horizons!
Marketing Manager
The creative mind, is the one that gives beauty to the brand.
Project Manager
The architect of our team, ensures that each project is managed with precision.
Partnership Manager
The alchemist of strategic partnerships, the engine of our development.
Financial expert
The magician of numbers, the one responsible for the budgets.
Customer Support
Our heart and voice, provide dedicated support to all your needs.
Graphic Designer
Visually creative, she turns concepts into reality.
Jr. Marketing Manager
Specialist in efervescent marketing, contributes creatively to the growth of the brand.
Content Editor
The master of words, the one that gives the brand speech.