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Product questions

Where are your tampons made?+
What are Enroush tampons made of?+
Why organic cotton?+
Are Enroush products certified organic?+
Are organic cotton tampons just as reliable as common tampons?+
Wait, aren’t the leading brands I already buy made out of cotton?+
What makes Enroush different?+
What is TSS?+
How often should I change my tampon?+
What absorbency levels do Enroush tampons offer?+
What tampon sizes does Enroush offer?+
What if I am a pad user. Do you offer Enroush pads or liners?+
Can I flush Enroush tampons?+
Are your products tested on animals?+
Why 16 tampons in a box?+
What if I want more than 16 items?+
Does Enroush pay the tampon tax?+
Why are your period products more expensive than mainstream brands?+

Subscription questions

How does the subscription work?+
Can I order a mini/regular/super tampon combination?+
If I sign up for a subscription, will my subscription be automatically renewed?+
My period doesn’t like commitment! What do I do?+
I won't be needing Enroush products for a little while. How do I put my subscription on hold?+
Can I give an Enroush Subscription as a gift?+
Can I place a one-time order?+
Are Enroush tampons available in shops?+
Can I make a corporate order?+

Delivery questions

Is postage/delivery included in the subscription fee?+
Where do you ship to?+
My shipment hasn’t arrived. What should I do?+
I realized I made a mistake with my shipping address. What can I do?+
How can I track my order?+
I’m going on holiday. Can I change my order delivery date?+
How long will it take for my order to arrive?+
Do you offer next day delivery?+

Payment Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?+
When is my credit or debit card charged?+
I'm unhappy with the product. Can I return my order for a refund?+
Is my account secure?+

Referral program questions

Do you have a Referral Program?+
What do my friends have to order?+
How will I know my referral has been successful?+
Can I combine Promotion Codes?+
I can’t find the answer to my questions in this list+