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8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads
8 Night Pads

Night organic pads

(8 pcs)
Your honest protection

A new generation of pads designed with your body in mind. We made them ultra-thin but super-absorbent to keep you dry and comfy all period long.

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100% GOTS Certified
Organic Cotton Top Sheet
Chlorine free
Pads with nothing to hide
Words From Their Hearts
"I've recently discovered ENROUSH and it was love at first use. I like the whole philosophy behind the brand and the fact that are kind and delicate to my body."
- Bianca -
Social Media Creator
"I'm glad I came across ENROUSH, which manufactures hygiene products for women, completely without harmful substances! That was the best decision ever!"
- Jenny -
Fashion & Beauty Blogger
"I'm glad I came across ENROUSH, which manufactures hygiene products for women, completely without harmful substances! That was the best decision ever!"
- Antonia -
Yoga Teacher
"Recently I found this amazing ENROUSH period products. I was surprised because they have 100% natural products and I mean 100% silky soft organic cotton. Let’s educate ourselves to use more natural, quality products for our body!!"
- Estera -
Make Up Artist
"I recently discovered ENROUSH for intimate care during menstruation and I had to tell you all about them because they give me the confidence that I’m using something that does not harm me."
- Anca -
Former Gymnast
"It’s a shame to risk having health issues because of lack of education. I started researching on the matter, and that’s how I found ENROUSH. A brand that not only has 100% organic products, but it also normalizes menstruation."
- Carmina -
Agency Owner
"It's been a month since I gave up the tampons I have used for 20 years. Until ENROUSH, I couldn't find anything to trust. I chose them because they are very connected with our needs and they emphasize self-care and self-love."
- Roxana -
Fashion & Beauty Blogger
"Do you know what’s inside your period essentials? Well, you will be surprised how this can change your lifestyle. Period is part of our lives and we have to learn to embrace those moments. For a better period, start using ENROUSH."
- Brenda -
Style Consultant
"ENROUSH is dedicated to women's intimate health and have created the most chic organic products, so that we can feel unstoppable every day and go one step further towards a more eco-friendly life."
- Gabriela -
Vintage Lover
"Out of respect for my body, I started using ENROUSH, made from 100% certified organic cotton. They give me superior protection and protect my body from the chemical ingredients and toxins."
- Larisa -
Fashion Blogger
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You have questions,
we have answers
Why choose ENROUSH pads?

If you want that full night protection or an easy to use & on-the-go support, just choose the ENROUSH organic pads, they are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton top sheet and chlorine-free natural absorbent core to offer you the full protection you need and the transparency you deserve.
No chemicals & no hidden ingredients. The Genius Core Technology inside prevents accidental leaks and perfectly fits your natural curves. So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing one!

What size should I get?

ENROUSH organic cotton pads come in three sizes each with a different absorbency, to better fit your flow & lifestyle:
- normal, length 22 cm, width 8 cm. Normal absorbency – soaks in regular flow.
- super, length 28 cm, width 8 cm. Super absorbency – soaks in abundant flow.
- night, length 29 cm, width 8 cm. Heavy absorbency – soaks in abundant flow.

How often should I change my pad?

It is advisable to change pads once every 4 to 8 hours, or even sooner if it gets soaking wet.
By following these basic hygiene procedures you will avoid any allergic reactions.

Are ENROUSH pads just as absorbent as regular ones?

Yes & much more! ENROUSH pads use Genius Core Technology especially developed to ensure leak-free protection and perfect body fit.

Are ENROUSH pads hypoallergenic?

ENROUSH cotton pads are hypoallergenic & pH compatible for all sensitive skin types. We only use natural organic ingredients and our period care products are all dermatologically & gynecologist approved!

Where are ENROUSH pads made?

Our pads are carefully produced in Belgium, with the highest standards of quality. Production units are all ISO 9001 certified and all of our plants have BRC certifications in safety and design.

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