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Organic Tampons

The luxury you can afford. With respect and consideration to your body and its unique processes, we created 100% certified organic cotton tampons. Enroush pure cotton tampons provide you the exact superior protection your deserve and keep you safe from chemicals and toxins. Less ordinary, for you to feel extraordinarily good.

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Organic Pantyliners

Your perfect answer for extra protection to get on with your day. Slim and breathable, absorbent right down to the core, Enroush liners allow you to feel fresh, confident and be yourself throughout the month but they’re also the perfect backup for your period’s lighter days.

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Our period kit is everything! A personalized combination of feminine care products you can trust, for you to feel fresh and comfortable throughout the month. Having YOU and your needs in mind, we offer a customizable kit you can rely on during your period and throughout the entire month.

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