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Our story:

When passion meets purpose.

It all started the moment we learnt there’s no transparency around what conventional period products are made of. Dioxin, chlorine, bleaches and so many more undisclosed, harmful ingredients, in direct contact with our vulvas, for hundreds of times during our lifetime? For us it was unacceptable and we had to make a change! We had to transform periods from shameful and taboo into a positive, empowering experience. And it inspired so much emotion to us that we had to take action and make it all a reality. A reality in which all women have access to a clean, healthy menstrual care that puts their safety first.

Two years later, ENROUSH was born. Advocating for women’s health, we’re offering pure period products made with organic cotton. No ingredients you can’t pronounce, just the quality and transparency you deserve! When we stand together, US WOMEN we are so powerful that we can be a force of change! That’s why ENROUSH became more than just a brand. It’s a community which inspires us to be brave and freely speak our minds, break taboos and care for our bodies and the world we live in.