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Why #laviENROUSH?

Because it's time to start taking care of your body with the self-love and self-care you deserve!

Exhibiting a true passion for change, we created the best fem care products that will serve your individual needs. Made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, they meet the highest standards of comfort, performance and purity.

Created out of love for women’s health, and enthusiasm for new beginnings, Enroush developed the best intimate care products to help ladies all over the world feel beautiful, look confident and be unstoppable every single day, even during their menstruation.

From one woman to another, we’re giving you the power to make informed decisions and talk openly about menstruation. We believe it is a gift and it needs to be handled with the highest care and respect, so that women can live their life to the fullest even during their period.

We are all aware of the struggles of being a woman, not to mention we’re reminded monthly that periods are a pain - both literally and metaphorically. This is why, Enroush wants to make sure every woman can live her life to the fullest with some extra self-love and self-care, making menstruation an enjoyable experience as well.


Though we approach only “that time of the month”, our mission is timeless!

We believe every woman is a force of nature and this is why we try to change the misconceptions and prejudices related to periods by reminding ourselves every single month that our cycle is a gift.

We truly believe that we should never have to compromise our health and our well-being with the products we buy, that’s why change is needed, and we’re keen to make a difference. When we’re talking about feminine hygiene, we want to be sure that the products we use are made from the purest materials that can provide us the comfort and the protection we can trust.

Having respect and reverence for our menstruation is the only way to empower other women and make them feel more conscious about their femininity and the beauty of being a woman!

So why not have a chic tampon, pad or liner, in a beautifully designed box that looks like a pretty luxury cosmetic product? An accessory that can easily be carried in our bags with our perfume, lipstick or mascara. Isn't that what makes us feel beautiful, sexy and worthy, not just sometimes, but all the time?

In the end, these products should show us that periods are not only natural but beautiful too - being a part of the circle of life.

We’re in this together.

We are passionate about helping women make their health a priority, by empowering them with a good hygiene education, confidence, pride and reverence for their bodies.

We promise to be generous and always make your health a priority. We are there for you to guide you with trustworthy information, safe and efficient products to inspire and promote change as a reflection of our core values: complete transparency and the highest standards of quality.

We’re determined to constantly optimize our products and to be relentlessly innovative, so we can offer you the best choices you can make in order to celebrate your period instead of hiding it.

Considering that you’ll need thousands of fem care products during your lifetime, we want to make sure that Enroush reflects who you are: a strong woman who values her worth and doesn’t compromise. We can’t think of a more serious and personalized product relationship.