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Let’s overcome period shame and talk about menstruation freely

Even if people talk more and more open about menstruation and recently a new emoji was even released so women can chat freely about their period, we’ve still got a long way to go in order to end the shame around the subject.

Women are still using around 5000 euphemisms such as “aunt flo”, “Bloody Mary”, “rag week”, “code red” and so on, trying to overcome the embarrassment from being on their period.

Experiencing period shame can contribute to the exclusion of women from school or work, especially if they have limited access to menstruation products. It will also reinforce the gender-based discrimination and perpetuate the idea that menstruating women and girls are unclean.

Unfortunately, an emoji isn’t going to solve this problem, but it’s a step that can help change the course of the conversation. Ending the shame around periods begins after all with talking about it and little things like these can really add up.

Trying to make a conscious effort to break the period taboo and be period proud instead of hiding it or camouflage the menstruation products, should be a social responsibility.

It’s time for change! 

Supporting sexual education and teaching adolescents about menstrual health, talking about their bodies and their rights, throwing aside all the misconceptions related to the menstrual cycle and the negativity that comes along with that, can change the perspective on periods in the future.

All the awkwardness, mystery, all the feelings of low self-esteem, the secret-ness and the inherent lies we’ve been told about menstruation need to disappear.

We shouldn’t be embarrassed to buy tampons, we shouldn’t hide them in our sleeves on the way to the bathroom and constantly worry about the stained clothes or bed sheets, feeling guilty and ashamed.

Periods were something we covered up for centuries so the shame struggle is very real as well as the negative symptoms women experience.

But periods are natural and more than a half of population have it (don’t forget members of the trans community also endure period shame and stigma).

So why not ending this shame spiral?

If everyone could just start talk openly about managing their periods without consequences, well, we probably wouldn’t still be talking about period shaming, would we?

We’re saying you’ve gotta stop treating your period like it’s something to hide, stop smushing your period products down to the bottom of your bag, stop pretending menstruation doesn’t exist around men!

Let’s try to dismantle this system of believes that is working against us. It is a cause it worth fighting for so we all feel more comfortable with our bodies and their functions without being marginalized.

Just try living your life being open about this perfectly natural bodily function, take steps together with us to smash the stigma that surrounds menstruation.

In the end, there are also lots of cultures where menarche (the first period) is acknowledged with huge feasts. So, why not celebrating our periods and the power that they give us: the power to create.

We all deserve a special treatment that time of the month and Enroush is here to make sure you will love your feminine essence and celebrate it with the best organic tampons.

If you have more ideas about how to inspire a positive change regarding periods, don’t mind sharing your ideas with us in the comments!

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