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100% GOTS certified organic cotton



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Made in Germany

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Reviews from our happy customers

Esther, Hanover

I’m so happy I discovered organic tampons. I didn’t even know that I am poisoning my body by using all those mainstream brands. Enroush tampons are incredibly soft, breathable and they expand widthwise for a better protection. I highly recommend these tampons!

Yvonne, Vienna

Chic and organic, comfortable to wear and delicate to my skin type, Enroush are really good tampons! I love that women are at the core of this business because I finally feel my needs are completely understood. I’m so happy that I can customize my tampons box, since I always need different absorbency levels for my flow and that I can receive them at my door, just before for my period.

Ines, Graz

I use Enroush and they are amazing so far. They are easy to insert, they don’t leak, they don’t break apart when I have to pull them out and more important, they are safer than common tampons. I’m happy I can customize my own box with the two sizes I need during my menstruation and I love they are manufactured in an ethical way. No regrets other than not finding them sooner.

Edith, Hamburg

I simply love these tampons! They look so pretty and they are much better for my body than my old brand of tampons. Switching to organic tampons was the best decision I ever made. Price is extremely reasonable and their subscription is sooo convenient!

Adele, Bucharest

It makes me feel proud having the Enroush box in my purse. It just looks good near my pampering kit. I also love the brand mission. The way they empower women through better hygiene, breaking the taboos about menstrual health it’s something all tampons brands should do. Not to mention I feel so much better knowing I’m not exposing the most absorbent part of my body to toxic chemicals.

Agnes, Munich

This super cool brand is not only pure, organic and chemical free but also pretty chic. I definitely feel more comfortable and safer knowing these organic tampons do not contain synthetics and plastics and I highly recommend the brand for everyone that is looking for a healthier alternative to common tampons. I highly recommend the brand for everyone.